True Kindness

Today, our group split up and went out into the heart of the city to do a mealshare with someone. My brother and I met two people, one of which was named M.C. He was from Mississippi but had left when he was six, and had been living in Chicago for six years. We had a great conversation, ranging from the architecture of Chicago to what he did in Mississippi. One thing that I noticed about Him was that he was genuinely kind to everyone that passed by him, without even asking for money. I was humbled that a homeless man is kinder to those around him, even when they don’t even acknowledge him, and that I don’t give enough attention to those around me. I was able to learn from him about true kindness, and I hope that I can take that back to Bloomington and influence the culture around me.

R.T. Mould Bloomington, Minnesota Crosspoint Church