This week in Chicago

This week in Chicago has been an amazing experience. I got the chance to work at Master Academy with the 3rd-4th graders and then the 1st graders the last day. I really enjoyed getting to know the students and building relationships with them throughout the week. We were able to help out the teachers in different ways from grading papers to just hanging out with the students during snack time/lunch/ recess. It was incredible how easily the children warmed up to us and how willing they were to tell us about their lives. One of my favorite moments was on the last day when a little first grader came up to me and asked me how to pronounce the word “betray.” He was reading a book about the Easter story and all of a sudden he started asking all of these questions about the Easter story, like why the robbers were killed too and why Judas would betray Jesus and why God sent an angel to talk to the women at the tomb. It was a great experience being able to share Jesus’ story with him and talk to him about how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. Throughout the week I realized how much these children just want to be loved. Once you start showing that you truly care about them they are willing to completely open up to you. I am going to miss the kids so much, but am so thankful that I got the chance to get to spend the week with them. Thank you Sunshine for this wonderful experience and opportunity!

Fei-Lin Scruggs

Rhodes College