work1As the name of our program implies, we hope to establish a two-way road between those who come and those who live here. While listening and learning are primarily a way for our teams to receive from the city, our service component provides space for our teams to give back to our community. We hope to establish a level of reciprocity and connectedness by creating a time for students to give while they are receiving. To this end, we get our students and participants involved in various local service opportunities with our ministry and with our partners in the community. While the specific opportunities change from week to week depending on the needs of our ministry and partners, we have engaged in a variety of opportunities. We have had students engage in everything from building renovation projects to assisting with summer youth programs, from volunteering in local schools to painting murals.

We seek to place students in situations where they can thrive and be of real use to our community. By working alongside oflunch1 Sunshine and our partners we attempt to ensure the following two key objectives:

  • That each project is sustainable. It is our goal that every opportunity we provide is a healthy and sustainable option for both our participants and those whom they serve alongside. By working with established ministries, organizations and community residents our students are placed in situations which minimize dependency on the one hand and feelings of superiority or ethnocentrism on the other.
  • That each project is meaningful. We also seek to ensure that every service opportunity is meaningful and truly beneficial. We avoid projects which are mere busy work or actually detrimental to our community. Though some projects may seem tedious, we seek to explain in every case the long-term benefits of each project to our students to provide a greater vision of the service which occurs.

teach1It is our belief that by exposing students to urban ministry and local outreach programs, they will be able to put into practice some of the ideas and attitudes which we learn during our listening and learning portions of the week. In service we meld together theory and practice.