Our final goal for our participants is that they return to their own communities, churches, schools and homes changed for el1the better. We believe that our teams have the capacity to deeply influence and affect their own locales for the glory of God. By taking lessons and experiences from the Urban context and transplanting them into their daily lives our teams can use this week as a stepping stone to community transformation in their own context.

group1We certainly hope that when our participants think back on their time with us that they would have fond memories. But if that’s all that remains, we probably have failed. We really want there to be a tangible difference in the lives of those who have come through our program. Of course what that looks like in each case may be different, but we desire for our students to begin thinking seriously about how to plead the widow’s cause, clothe the naked, house the homeless, seek justice for the oppressed and speak up for those who cannot.

Students who have come through the program have exhibited changed lives in many cases and have reported such changed activities as engagement in local ministries, advocacy work, moving into urban communities, thoughtful examination of organizational practices and many other things. We do hope for our teams to return to Sunshine, but the primary emphasis here is returning to their own contexts with a heart to engage their own communities.

We view BridgeBuilders as an opportunity to begin discipling generations of Christians to begin thinking seriously about how to integrate their personal faith, professional vocation and passionate engagement in social justice.