One of the most powerful and beautiful aspects of our program is the learning that happens during the week. Any time you teach1move cross-culturally there is the chance that you will learn something new simply by being present. But when you are intentional, when you seek out knowledge and wisdom from another context you can and will find the glory of God revealed in that culture. We believe that God has revealed aspects of himself in unique and powerful ways to those who are situated in an urban, low-income, minority populated community like ours and it is this that we offer to our students. Moreover, we have much to learn from our brothers and sisters in the African-American South-Side of Chicago in terms of history, sociology, economics, theology, philosophy, family and community dynamics and every other aspect of life.

lunch2During your time with us we will explore what it means for God to see and respond to the poor. We also examine what it means for us as Christians to be directed by God’s concern for the vulnerable; how ought we to respond when we come across great need? We will examine how we typically think about poverty and attempt to move towards a holistic understanding of poverty as the absence of Shalom rather than simply an economic deficit. We will think about what it means to seek the Shalom of the city and how our own well-being is tied in. We will also examine what scripture has to say about economic poverty, its causes, and how we are called to respond.

Rooted in an understanding of orthodox theology, our lessons address poverty and justice, race and class, mercy and group-Joel3empowerment, history and socio-economics. Our goal is to affirm students in their desire to engage in “social-justice” issues while providing them with the foundation that is necessary for long-term engagement. We hope to explain, through scripture, how seeking justice is tied inexorably to our faith in the salvific work of Jesus Christ.

Our Executive Director Joel Hamernick does a majority of our teaching. You can check out one of Joel’s most recent messages here.