Our Method

So, what does a “BridgeBuilder week” look like?el3

We deeply believe that the time you spend with us will be beneficial to every participant. It has been our experience that by pulling students and leaders alike out of their comfort-zones and into the urban context change often happens: worldview’s are stretched, prejudices uncovered, spiritual growth occurs, passion for justice increases, faith is strengthened and lives are changed. We have crafted our program and experiences to blend together the theoretical and the practical, orthodoxy and orthopraxy, Shalom and Justice.

group-Joel1Both our philosophy and approximate daily schedule are contained within our motto: “Listen. Learn. Serve. Return.” While you can refer to each page for a deeper look, we begin with a meaningful service opportunity each morning, transition into a listening opportunity during the afternoon and end each day with a lesson taught by Sunshine staff and local Pastors.

While you’re with us, we’ll provide for you everything you need except for work1transportation! That includes housing, food, staff, materials, parking costs, CTA passes, and the schedule! While we handle the logistics of the trip, you are empowered to pour into the lives of your students and process with them the whole experience.

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