Phase Two – Preparation

Welcome to Phase Two!


We want to do our very best to equip you and your team as you prepare to join us this year! Here you will find a number of helpful documents in .pdf format for your use. We ask that you read each document at least once. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that may arise (or be left over) after reading through these pre-arrival documents!


Click here to download our pre-arrival curriculum designed specifically for your team. You’ll find three pre-trip lessons designed to help you get your team ready for Chicago!


Click here for the description of the assessments that we are requesting every team take prior to their time with us. We really need your support to make this happen!


Click here for a list of the most frequently asked questions. It’s likely that you or someone involved with the trip will have these questions.


Click here for our open letter on safety for our incoming teams. Obviously with the attention Chicago is currently receiving around violence, we get asked about safety a lot. This is our attempt to answer those concerned.


Click here for the packing list of items we recommend you bring, items we ask you to leave behind, and items for your consideration.


Click here for our parent letter. We hope that this will help prepare parents and get them excited about the trip that their student is taking with us.